As community organizers and data directors with decades of experience, we founded OpenField to solve the problems we faced in the field. Whether we were organizing workplaces, putting together ballot signatures, or helping someone run for office, we kept running into the same universal challenges:

  • How do we have real conversations with everyone we encounter?
  • How do we track those conversations?
  • How do we learn from those conversations quickly and easily?
  • How do we get more sleep?

So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We decided to construct the essential infrastructure needed to solve each one of these problems and enable all communities and people, not just those with existing institutional power, facilitate authentic connections with anyone, anywhere, and build transformational power at scale without a ten person data team.

We created the software we needed and called it OpenField.

OpenField is built from the ground up to facilitate the most effective tactics in movement building that have been at the core of successful social movements for decades. Our A.I. enhanced organizing tools enable nonpartisan and progressive groups working to fulfil the promise of democracy to launch campaigns with the most effective infrastructure and tactics so they can save time, work smarter, scale, and win.