Ari and Emily

“Organizers have to earn the right to organize.” - Bob Moses

As organizers and data directors, we founded OpenField to solve the problems we experienced in the field. Whether we were organizing workplaces, putting together ballot signatures, or helping someone run for office, we kept experiencing the same challenges:

  • How do we have real conversations with everyone we encounter?
  • How can we track those conversations?
  • How do we learn from those conversations quickly and easily?

We build tech to solve each one of these problems and enable people to earn the right to organize communities through authentic conversation and deep listening, so they can build durable and valuable relationships.

We are committed to working with those who:

  • Lift up, center, or support the voices of communities marginalized by systemic oppression, including racism, classism, sexism, transphobia, ableism, and imperialism.
  • Work to broaden and expand the electorate, including access to the ballot box and the levers of democracy.
  • Support renewable resources and environmental justice.
  • Are committed to achieving economic equality.

Our tools help communities and people, not just those eligible to vote, facilitate connections with anyone, anywhere, and build transformational power to fulfill the promise of democracy.

- Ari & Emily