To power transformational conversations so communities can connect with anyone, anywhere.

OpenField was founded in 2018 by organizers, field and data directors. Whether we were organizing workplaces, putting together ballot signatures, or helping someone run for office, we kept running into the same problems.

  • How can we track conversations with everyone we encounter?
  • How do we have real conversations with those people?
  • How should we distribute turf quickly and easily?

As Bob Moses says, “organizers have to earn the right to organize.”

We aim to build tech that enables exactly that. Earning the right to organize communities through authentic conversation, deep listening, and valuing relationships.

Our tech is built to center every community, not just those eligible to vote, to build transformational power and fulfill the promise of our democracy. We currently operate in the US, but can operate anywhere power is built through individual conversations.


For this reason, OpenField is committed to working only with those who:

  • Lift up, center, or support the voices of communities marginalized by systemic oppression, including racism, classism, sexism, transphobia, ableism, and imperialism
  • Work to broaden and expand the electorate, including access to the ballot box and the levers of democracy
  • Support renewable resources and environmental justice
  • Work toward achieving greater economic equality
The 2019 High Ground Labs accelerator cohort meets at the offices of 8th Light in Chicago, IL on Wednesday July 10, 2019. Photographer: Christopher Dilts / HGL



Emily Del Beccaro(she/her) is an organizer and data director with a passion for connecting communities through tech. During her time building the national voter file, Emily experienced firsthand the complex challenges organizations and campaigns faced in accessing voter data crucial for outreach and the lack of solutions for these groups. Eager to fix the problem, Emily created OpenField with Ari to help people organize everywhere. 


Ari Trujillo-Wesler (she/they) is a field director, facilitator and engineer who founded OpenField so she could have the field tools she always dreamed of. An alumna of electoral campaigns from Presidentials to grassroots Mayorals, organized labor, queer youth organizing and environmental justice, she believes that organized communities driven by hope are unstoppable. It helps if the tech believes in people, too.