We make talking to easier.

Instead of spending your time using outdated technology and training volunteers on systems from another era, use the time where it really counts – knocking doors, making calls, and registering voters.


“OpenField cut down my field organizers’ prep and training time by 60%. We were up and running for the GA Senate runoff race in a few hours, and the consistent message from our volunteers was how easy it was to knock doors with OpenField.”

Sally Validator, Knock Every Door State Director

Have effective conversations with the communities you care about.

Go Fast

OpenField’s turf cutter creates walkable packets more reliably than any other on the market. Cut your launch time from hours to minutes, with the average organization saving over four hours every canvass launch.

Go Deep

OpenField pairs open-ended notes with natural language processing and automated analytics, allowing organizations to gather and learn from authentic conversations at scale.

Go Far

OpenField supports connecting with communities regardless of voter registration or housing status, allowing outreach to historically marginalized, transient, and undercounted populations.

Go Everywhere

OpenField allows unlimited custom scripts, unlimited users, multiple permission levels, the ability to import any type of list or data source, and functionality to add people and addresses in the field. Have any conversation and sync it back to the platforms of your choice.

We believe that the key to creating lasting change is one person connecting to another person. So we built tools that allow you to focus on the conversations while we automate the boring stuff.

Ari and Emily