QUICK STARTUP GUIDE: Importing and Exporting

The ability to import and export data from OpenField is quick and easy. Both buttons are found on the primary menu in the Admin Panel.

How to Import Data Into OpenField:

To import data into OpenField please ensure your data is in a .CSV file. When you have your data ready click on the IMPORT text on the menu and you will be taken to the Importer. There you will be able to import new data into OpenField and see previous imports as well as the name of the import, the person who initiated the import, the status of those imports, and the date and time they were initiated. To import new data, click the IMPORT A NEW CSV button at the top of the page.

Click here for a full list of supported fields for both importing and exporting.

A display of OpenField's importer

Please only use plain .CSV files or MS-DOC .CSV files for importing.  Apple/Mac .CSV files are NOT supported. 

Once you upload your CSV you will see a green checkmark next to it confirming that your file has been successfully uploaded. When that is complete you will need to click the button that says "Next Step: Assign Fields" to advance to the next screen.

Next, you will be prompted to enter key information about the data you are uploading.

The first thing is to name your upload in the LABEL NAME field and describe your upload in the LABEL DESCRIPTION field.

Below that you will have the option to ignore the first row of your CSV, this is particularly useful if your CSV includes headers, if your CSV does not include headers you generally do not need to check this box. You also have the option to merge with existing records by unique ID. Checking this box helps prevent duplicates and ensures that if any of your new records that you are uploading share the same unique identifier (unique ID) as any other records in your database they will be merged automatically so you don't get duplicates in your database.

Next, you will see a portion of your CSV displayed with assignment boxes above each column. These will be set to SKIP by default. Clicking on an assignment field will display a dropdown of options for you to tell OpenField what information is in this column. Once all the relevant columns are assigned click the IMPORT YOUR LIST button.

After this you will see a screen indicating the progress of your import. You can navigate away from this screen and the import will continue to run.

Unique IDs:

Unique IDs are something that only one individual can have and they Include:

  • VAN ID
  • Action Network ID
  • OpenField Voter File ID
  • Other Voter File ID numbers
  • Alloy UUID
  • Email address

There are also situations where having two or more fields filled out counts as a unique ID. These include State File ID + Registered State or County File ID + Registered State + Registered County.

Pro Tip:

To successfully complete your import you must include ALL of the following information:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. A unique ID
  4. At least one outreach method like a phone number OR an address

If you are going to include an address you MUST import it following the directions below. There are three types of addresses:

  1. Registered address - the address where the person is registered to vote. 
  2. Provided address - the address provided by the person.
  3. Mailing address - the address where you can send this person mail. 

First, decide what address type you will be importing. You MUST fully map one whole address type to successfully complete your import if you are going to import an address. These are the minimum fields that must be mapped for an address to import correctly. Partially mapped information WILL NOT import correctly. You can map additional fields but these 7 fields MUST be mapped to one address type.  

  • Address 1 
  • State (abbreviation) 
  • City
  • Zip 5
  • Street Name
  • Longitude
  • Latitude

An example of a fully mapped Registered Address for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC 20500 would be:

  • Registered address 1: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Registered State: DC 
  • Registered City: Washington
  • Registered Zip 5: 20500
  • Registered Street Name: Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Registered Longitude: 77.0365° W
  • Registered Latitude: 38.8977° N
A screen where you can assign columns

How to Export Data from OpenField:

To export data from OpenField you will first need to click on Analytics in the side menu > Select the Conversation Code that you would like to export data for > select the Manage tab > choose the dates for data you would like to export, and then click the button DOWNLOAD CSV.

You can view your entire export history by clicking on Exports in the side menu

Click here for a full list of supported fields for both importing and exporting.

How to export conversation codes