We make talking to easier.

Stop wasting time on bad tech.

Use the time where it really counts – knocking doors, making calls, and registering voters.


“OpenField liberates us from [data] constraints by allowing organizers to capture meaningful conversations and make use of traditional data sources at the same time. This is revelatory - especially when a movement’s goal is more than winning elections.”

Thomas Pietrzyk, Data Director, New Georgia Project

Have effective conversations with the communities you care about.

Go Fast

Cut your launch time from hours to minutes.
Our turfcutter saves organizations an average of four hours every launch.

Go Deep

Learn from authentic conversations at scale.
Gather open-ended notes and use our natural language processing to hear what really matters.

Go Far

Organize everyone, registered to vote or not.
Connect with the hardest to reach communities - adding people, names and even addresses - because everyone deserves a voice.

Go Everywhere

Organize without limits.
Unlimited scripts, users, and the ability to use any data source of your choice. Sync data back to the other organizing tools you already use.

Power is built when one person connects to another.

Focus on building power. Our tools automate the rest.