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OpenField is a canvassing application that lets you engage anyone you encounter and learn from organizing conversations at scale

How It Works

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Join from Anywhere

Canvassers can create their own profiles, sharing their pronouns and which languages they speak. This allows anyone to begin canvassing from wherever they are.

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Share Access

Organizations use a single unique code for an entire campaign, giving canvassers a script and access to all available turf near them.

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Self Checkout

Canvassers can select turf from their phones, eliminating the need to hand out individual packets and allowing distributed campaigns to cover one city or multiple states in a single click.


Knock Your List

Canvassers can knock a provided list of doors, with or without internet access.


Search The Universe

Look up people as you encounter them, and add new contacts who aren’t in your database.

Ari and

Knock Every Door

Using OpenField’s national address file, canvassers can start knocking without a list, adding new addresses and people as they’re found.


Ask Any Question

Design your scripts with any style of question. Capture open-ended notes, as well as email and text opt-ins, support scores, and drop-down lists.


Use Any Language

Canvassers can record conversations in 182 languages, and note the language(s) spoken in every household they contact.


View Any Conversation

OpenField profiles keep past conversation history at your fingertips. Search your old notes, right from your phone.

Manage Registration Drive

Manage Your Canvass

Track the status of your turf. See active, completed, and available turf side by side.

Counts Dashboard

Dynamic Analytics Dashboard

Customizable dashboards monitor canvassers, door knocks, and contacts over time.


Real-time Word Clouds

Natural language processing creates interactive word clouds that let you learn from survey responses at scale.


We have an open API and are actively building out integrations with the top CRMs in the progressive movement.