QUICK STARTUP GUIDE: Phonebank Interface

Logging in, Creating Accounts & Resetting Passwords:

You can log in, create new accounts, and reset passwords for frontend users from the initial frontend home page. All of these functions apply to the frontend only and do not give users access to the backend of the software.

After a user logs into the system they will be prompted to enter a Conversation Code. This code will determine whether they use the phone bank interface or the field canvassing interface. Both are similar but have some key differences.

Frontend Login Screen

Calling Through a List:

Once a user is logged in on the front end they will be prompted to enter a Conversation Code. After that they will be free to work through their call list.

From the call view, users are given a script, a portion of your list, and a call goal; all three of which are linked to a Conversation Code.

In this view, users will see their call goal in the upper right corner but won’t be automatically stopped when they reach their goal. Users will also be able to see additional information about the person they are contacting by clicking through the TALK, ABOUT, HISTORY, and REGISTER tabs at the top of the screen:

  • TALK: is where users can take notes on their conversation as they work through the script. At this bottom of this tab is where users can SAVE and advance to the next call.
  • ABOUT: has basic information about the individual that users are connecting with.
  • HISTORY: has the contact history of this person.
  • REGISTER: initiates the voter registration process in OpenField.

On the left side of the screen there is an OF icon. If a user clicks this icon they will be shown a sidebar menu where they can advance to the NEXT CALL, see RECENT CALLS, FINISH CALLING and log off, see their standing among other users using the same Conversation Code by clicking LEADERBOARD, and ENTER A NEW CODE to enter a new Conversation Code.

Once users select FINISH CALLING they will see where they stand on the leaderboard, be prompted with a question about their experience, and then logged off.

Call View